Personal Gourmet Food Intelligence: Foods that Wreck Your Mood


If you suffer mood swings and excess stress look at what you’re eating. Many foods lack important nutrients,  healthy fats and have high amounts of sugar and dangerous fats:

  • Conventional ham is injected with antibiotics, sugar, salt, fillers and nitrates that triggers low moods, migraines and swollen ankles.  Try Alaskan salmon filled with omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins which boosts your mood
  • Soft drinks turn into fat in our bodies and raise our blood sugar too quickly causing a mood crash soon after.  Try organic fruit juice added to sparkling water
  • Margarine is made of industrial fats containing omega 6’s which block the healthy omega 3’s.  Use pasteurized butter which contains omega 3’s
  • Potato chips creates carcinogens and are filled with omega 6 fatty acids.  Try baked chips.

A better diet, a better mood.

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