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The Complete Light Kitchen

Exceptional taste and exceptional health.

Over the years, Rose Reisman has shifted from simply appreciating delicious food to valuing dishes that combine exceptional taste with nutritional benefits. She has stepped up and become a leading spokesperson for light cooking. Her recipes explode with flavor, not with fat and calories.

The Complete Light Kitchen provides more than one hundred all-time favorites from Rose Reisman's 15 years of creating and publishing recipes. She includes essential guidance for a healthy kitchen, both stocking it with staples and using ingredients with gusto. In sections such as "Transforming to a Light Kitchen," "Meal Planning," "The Global Pantry" and "A Guide to Food Labels and Additives," she answers many frequently asked questions.

Enjoy such scrumptious and healthful dishes as:

  • Swordfish with mango and coriander salsa
  • Asparagus bundles wrapped with goat cheese and prosciutto
  • Flank steak in Hoisin marinade with sautéed mushrooms
  • Sole rolled with crab and garlic bread crumbs
  • Pork tenderloin with orange balsamic glaze
  • Steak kabobs with honey garlic marinade
  • Roasted sweet pepper salad with pine nuts, goat cheese and basil
  • Triple chocolate brownies
  • Orange pecan biscotti
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