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The Pickle Barrel

Rose Reisman teamed up with Toronto’s Pickle Barrel restaurants to bring her cooking philosophy into their restaurants – delicious food in healthier, lower-calorie versions. Many diners, concerned about the high calorie count of eating out, wanted more reasonable portion sizes and options lower in fat and cholesterol. It goes without saying that they also wanted delightful menu options that taste great. That’s when Peter Higley, President and CEO of Pickle Barrel Foods Ltd., approached Rose to design a healthy menu for these customers.

Rose Reisman's philosophy, "The Art of Living Well", allows you to enjoy your meals with emphasis on flavour, texture and nutrition. Rose's signature recipes give you the satisfaction of enjoying the foods you have always loved, but now in a healthier fashion. Recognizing this trend and the increasing number of customer requests, the Pickle Barrel has retained the services of Rose Reisman, a leading authority on the art of eating and living well. "Eating well doesn’t have to mean doing without. It just means keeping everything in balance". Rose Reisman

First Rose created the exclusive "Art of Living Well" menu, which was highly successful with diners looking for healthier food options without sacrificing flavour or quality. Next, she inspired and developed the “Under 500 Calorie” menu for all thirteen of the Pickle Barrel Restaurants. Most recently, she launched the “Local Farmers Market” menu featuring foods harvested in Ontario, which is both health-conscious and environmentally friendly.

A Gluten Free Menu is ready to launch in May 2012!

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