Swap It: Movie Theatre Food

Are you getting lost at movie theatre concession stands?  When hunger kicks in at the cinema, think twice before you place your order.  Swap It - make a better choice:

Popcorn Combos

Large Combo – large popcorn/ large drink/ chocolate

  • 2280 calories / 109 gm fat / 1380 mg sodium

*This is equivalent to* 2 lbs of delicious bbq'd pork back ribs in calories

Small Combo - Small popcorn/ drink and candy

  • 840 calories / 49 gm fat / 600 mg sodium


Chocolate Candy

Glosette chocolate almonds

  • 460 calories / 34 gm fat


*This is equivalent to* 17 Tim Horton Honey dip Tim Bits in fat

Junior Mints

  • 340 calories - / 8.5 gm fat



  • 760 calories / 16 gm fat

*This is equivalent to* 9 cups of Fruit Loops in sugar

Maynards gummies
  • 546 calories / 0 fat

Hot Snacks


  • 1100 calories / 59 gm fat / 1720 mg sodium


*This is equivalent to* over 1 lb of salted peanuts in sodium

Hog dog

  • 240 calories / 14 gm fat / 600 mg sodium

Fast Food Snacks

Burger King: Poutine

  • 740 calories /  41 gm fat / 2500 mg sodium


*This is equivalent to* 46 slices of Schneiders packaged ham in calories

Pizza Pizza: 1 cheese slice

  • 220 calories/ 6 gm fat / 470 gm sodium


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