Choose It and Lose It: Comfort Food

We all love comfort food in the winter. But there are choices you can make that are better than others. Rose takes you through typical comfort meals at Boston Pizza, Jack Astor's, Pizza Hut and the frozen Hungry Man brand on CityLine with Tracy Moore.

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Jack Astor's

Chicken Club Poutine

1,115 calories / 68 g fat

*Equivalent to 23 chicken wings in calories





Le Montreal Special with mashed potatoes

686 calories / 26.4 g fat




Pizza Hut

Italian classic (medium, stuffed crust)

860 calories / 36 g fat


*Equivalent to an entire Piller's kolbassa sausage in fat*


Triple crown (medium, thin crust)

440 calories / 16 g fat 


Hungry Man

Backyard barbecue

780 calories / 29 g fat

*Equivalent to 6 grilled chicken burgers from Harvey's in fat*



500 cal / 14 g fat



Boston Pizza Pasta

Smokey Mountain Spaghetti and Meatballs

1,730 calories / 63 gm fat / 2,750 mg sodium

* Equivalent to 2 1/2 orders of bruschetta (15 pieces)

from Jack Astor's in calories*



Fettuccini with Bolognese Sauce

730 calories / 9 gm fat





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