Swap It: Chinese Take Out (Aired on Breakfast TV Jan 5, 2011)

Most everyone loves to go out for Chinese food or for a Chinese take out to come home and watch  movies. But fast food Chinese restaurants can be a landmine of calories, fat and sodium. Rose shows you Swap It options at most popular Chinese restaurants.

Manchu Wok

Honey garlic chicken

  • crisp lightly battered chicken in a honey garlic sauce
  • 450 cal / 22 gm fat / 3 gm saturated fat / 890 mg sodium
  • = half your daily intake of fat
  • = 2.5 hrs of weight lifting
  • = almost 6 Quarter Chicken Dinners (white meat, no roll, Fresh Vegetable Medley, Sweet Kernel Corn or Garden Salad with no dressing and Chalet Dipping Sauce) in fat
  • 1 Dinner is 240 cal, 4 g fat, 1 g sat, 480 mg Na

Spicy beef

  • stir fried beef with carrots, onions, celery in Manchu wok sauce
  • 180 / 13 gm fat /  1.5 gm fat / 560 mg sodium
  • you can lose 4 lbs at the end of the year if you make this swap once a week


Made in Japan

Tofu teriyaki with hot and spicy sauce

  • 854 calories / 20 gm fat / 2 gm saturated fat / 1205 mg sodium
  • =2 hrs of push ups
  • = almost 2 Lasagna entrees at Vanelli's

shrimp teriyaki with pan Asian sauce

  • 563 calories / 4.5 gm fat /1 g sat/ 1073 mg sodium
  • Added bonus, this dish has 30% of your daily intake of iron
  • Swapping for this option twice a week will help you shed 8.6 lbs in a year


Made In Japan

Yakisoba noodle with chicken, beef and teriyaki sauce

  • 639 calories / 9.2 gm fat /2.8 g saturated fat/ 2000 mg sodium
  • = 1.5 hrs of scrubbing floors
  • = approximately 22 cups of Cinemark popcorn in sodium

Pan Asian noodles with Chicken and pan asian sauce

  • 421 calories / 4.2 gm fat / 1 g saturated fat/ 1085 mg sodium

Egg rolls (generic)

2 egg rolls with sauce

  • 438 / 18 gm fat / 3 gm saturated fat / 1500 mg  sodium
  • = 353 McCain shoestring frozen fries in sodium

2  Spring rolls with sauce

  • 200 calories / 7 gm fat / 1 gm saturated fat / 640 mg sodium
  • You can lose up to 7 lbs a year just by making this swap twice a week



More Swap It Options

This segment aired on Breakfast TV Jan 5, 2011






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