Authentic Looking Food


The latest trend in food is to make it look more authentic to adapt to customers who eat with their eyes.

Perfect the art of imperfection!

  • For example Domino’s pizza workers are instructed not to worry about making the dough rectangles too perfect in their Artisan pizzas.  The result is a more rustic look
  • McDonalds egg white delight now has a loose shape rather than the round discs in the original egg mcmuffin
  • Wendy’s softened the edges of its famously square hamburger patties which looked processed
  • Wholesome looking meals are seen as more natural  and authentic

The packaged food industry is growing steadily each year and this is one way to attract more of the market.  Mold the product, change the color or texture and you’ve created a more interesting food that doesn’t look processed but rather homemade.

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