Back to School: Children’s Lunches


As the fall approaches we’re back to packed lunches filled with processed or fast foods and landfills of packaging. Here are some tips to keep in mind when packing lunches.

  • Avoid those sandwiched crackers with peanut butter or cheese filling with unhealthy fats, sugar and artificial flavoring. Pack whole grain crackers with real cheese  or natural nut butters
  • Plastic containers and vinyl lunch boxes have to go.  They contain high levels of lead, BPA and other toxins. Use reusable and washable lunch bags and try small mason jars or stainless steel containers.
  • No more Lunchables with those processed foods in plastic trays.  Salt and preservatives is what you’re getting.  Try real cheese and meat, fresh fruit and veggies or homemade baked goods
  • Process lunch meats like salami, bologna and ham are filled with sodium, nitrates and fat.  Send left or roasted chicken, beef or pork
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