Back to School Lunches on BT

Back to school is here! Parents dread the daily grind of making lunches – there’s a battle between what kids want to eat & what’s good for them. Healthy meals are essential to a child’s well-being, growth and learning – it affects focus, energy, immune system and mood.

 Watch Rose on Breakfast Television breaking down what makes a great lunch here!

BT - Back to School Food Groups

Typical School Lunches

 BT Lunches

Lose: Chicken fingers and fries
Choose: Baked chicken finger and bake wedge (homemade or store-bought)


Lose: Deli meat, hot dogs
Choose: Sliced oven roasted chicken & roast beef


Lose: Processed cheese
Choose: Whole sliced cheese or Babybel

 BT - Grains

Lose: White breads, “multigrain” breads, white Pasta, white rice
Choose: 100 % whole wheat – pitas, tortillas, bread, crackers, English muffins, bagels, whole grain pasta/ quinoa, brown rice

 BT - Bento Box

Lose: Lunchables
Choose: Make your own bento box – veggies/hummus/fruit/milk


Lose: Juice cocktails
Choose: Real juices, water, milk


Lose: Thick crust pizza
Choose: Thin crust, whole wheat – add more veggies and cheese

 BT - Breakfast

Lose: Sugary cereals, granola, waffle, croissant, oatmeal
Choose: Egg & English muffin


Lose: Caesar salad
Choose: Choose salads with lots of veggies, protein and light dressings




BT - Snacks

Lose: processed, packaged snacks, granola bars
Choose: diced fruits over sending them whole


Lose: artificial fruit snacks
Choose: dried or fresh fruit


Lose: artificially sweetened yogourts
Choose: healthier yogurt options like Greek yogurt


Choose: Eggs, edameme, seeds, hummus


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