Best and Worst Foods For Kids

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What are the best and worst foods for our children?

Fast foods are tasty and addictive, but fries, chicken fingers, deep dish pizzas and even burritos have excess calories, fat and sodium and set the stage for chronic disease and obesity.

Try grilled chicken burgers, submarine sandwiches made with roasted meats, thin crust pizzas, pasta with tomato-based sauces and Japanese food.

Yogurts promoted to kids
are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and colours. Best choice is a plain Greek yogurt and add some fresh fruit or maple syrup.

Forget those instant soups like Mr Noodle that have close to a day’s worth of sodium, trans fat and zero nutrition.  Organic and jarred soups are made from fresh ingredients.

Read the labels on sweetened beverages, granola bars, breakfast cereals, luncheon meats for excess fat, sugar and sodium and too little fibre.


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