Best and Worst Snacks For Kids

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  • To ensure that your children develop good eating habits, healthy snacks are a must since kids love grazing.
  • Manipulative marketing can encourage parents to think a food is healthy when it’s not.
  • For cereal select those with at least 3 gms of fiber per serving and less than 10 gm of sugar.  Forget those colorful candy like cereals.  Choose an oatmeal or all bran variety.
  • Deli or luncheon meats such as smoked meats, salami or bologna are out. They are filled with nitrates and sodium.  Stick to roast meats only such as turkey, chicken or roast beef.
  • No more juice beverages which are primarily sugar and fructose.  Pure juice only or real fruit is best
  • Fruit snacks are made with juice concentrates and sugar.  No real fruit is found.
  • As always the real thing is always best.
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