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Move over Brangelina and make room for the next celebrity couple: Brusselkale – also known as Flower sprout. Yes, a new vegetable that’s a cross between kale and brussel sprouts launched initially in England at Marks and Spencer in 2010 and now making its debut in specialty stores in Canada.

It features a small green and purples sprout with curly leave and combines the flavor of the sweet nutty taste of kale with the complex taste of brussel sprouts. It can be cooked and served in many ways such as stir frying or steaming.

There’s double the Vitamin C in a 100 gm serving of brusselkale than in Brussel sprouts themselves.
Brusselkale has all the evidence of an up and coming food trend – super food nutritionally, limited availability and two of the most popular veggies out there.

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