Buying Organic

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If you want to consume organic packaged food today, it can be challenging. Much of our processed food still has residual pesticides that are allowed by the government. You should consider going organic for the following foods:

  • Regular cereals contain corn, soy and genetically modified organisms which are heavily sprayed
  • Breads including tortillas and crackers  are commonly sprayed with insecticides which have been linked to ADHD in kids.
  • Frozen dinners such as lasagnas and burritos contain pesticides and excess sodium.
  • Anything made with tomatoes such as pasta sauce, ketchup and salsa contains numerous different pesticides.
  • Snack foods which contain wheat such as pretzels and crackers have been exposed to pesticides.  Even potato chips whereby the pesticide residue comes from the safflower seeds and soy beans.

The good news is that you’ll find organic varieties in all these foods!

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