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Calcium is necessary for keeping our bones and teeth strong, but other health benefits include maintaining blood pressure and a normal heartbeat.  An adult needs around 1000 mg daily. One serving size of the following foods supplies, about 1/3 your daily intake or 350 mg:

  • One cup of lower fat milk and yogurt has more calcium than higher fat.
  • 1 cup of fortified soy and almond milk
  • The best cheeses for calcium are low fat mozzarella, swiss, ricotta, cheddar and parmesan. 1 ½ oz is one serving size.
  • 3 oz of canned sardines and salmon, both with the bones
  • Sesame seeds hits a home run with just a 3 tbsp serving.
  • 1 cup of cooked spinach, collard and mustard greens
  • Number one is either 3 oz of tofu or 4 fresh dates, both having over half your daily intake.
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