Cancer Fighting Foods

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  • April is the reminder about the fight against cancer.
  • There are certain foods according to the Journal of National Cancer Institute that reduce the risk of breast cancer  specifically.
  • Pomengranates, Raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and pecans have e-llagic acid that may inhibit the growth of hormone dependent breast cancer.
  • Lentils and beans are filled with folate and fibre that may lower the risk.
  • Spinach contains high levels of folate which benefit premenopausal women – a 40 % lower risk of breast cancer was seen. This B vitamin prevents changes to our DNA that could lead to this cancer.
  • Sweet potatoes or any vegetables highly colored may prevent breast cancer due to the antioxidants that regulates and repairs cell growth.
  • Other beneficial foods include mushrooms, organic salmon and green tea.
  • Your fight against breast cancer might just start in the kitchen.
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