Let’s take a cheese quiz…

  • Which country has the highest cheese consumption.  France, Greece or United States? Greece eats 68 lb per person per year – double from United states
  • Blue cheese gets is blue color from : bacteria, mold, or algae ?  Mold.  Blue cheese is made with penicillum
  • What’s used on the outside of grilled cheese sandwiches to get it golden?  Olive oil, mayonnaise or peanut oil?    Mayonnaise
  • How do you wrap cheese?  Foil , plastic wrap or parchment paper –   parchment paper protects the cheese from fridge odors while letting it breathe
  • How many cups of milk make 1 lb of cheese?   4, 8 or 18  –  18
  • The stinkiest cheese:  blue, limburger or goat cheese?   Limburger –  the bacteria used to ferment is similar to that found on the human body producing body odor – yuck!


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