Chicken Food Safety

  • Chicken and food poisoning go hand in hand this time of year.
  • Chicken needs to be kept cold to prevent bacteria growth.
  • When shopping,  buy your chicken at the end and place in a plastic bag to prevent leakage.
  • Use your chicken within one to two days and then freeze it.
  • To defrost never leave on the counter or defrost in the microwave which generates heat and promotes bacteria.
  • Boneless breasts will thaw overnight in the refrigerator and should be kept no longer than a day before cooking.  And never refreeze thawed poultry.
  • Remember that freezing poultry doesn’t kill bacteria, only fully cooking does.
  • And finally, avoid cross-contamination when working with poultry. The juices may come in contact with other food, utensils or clothes making it hazardous. 
  • Use a meat thermometer and cook until temperature reaches 160 F.
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