Chicken Thighs Are a Good Thing!

Chicken thighs get a bad wrap because we think of dark meat as unhealthy.

Chicken thighs provide good fats which lowers your bad cholesterol and raises the good. It’s the skin that has saturated fat or “bad” fat.

The thigh is almost impossible to overcook resulting in a consistently moist cut.

The thigh is the easiest cut for the bbq on a medium heat – they are naturally juicy and protected by the skin.

Braising thighs is the best method for moisture because they contain the bone along with connective tissue like cartilage. Braising unlocks a greater amount of collagen that breaks down into gelatin which contributes to the juiciness.

Bone in chicken thighs cost about one-third of the price per lb of boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Welcome the underrated delicious thigh, one of the richest parts of the bird.

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