Child Food Allergies

Child food allergies have increased since the 1990’s. 


Previous recommendations delayed the introduction of common foods associated with allergies such as dairy for the first year, eggs until 2 years and nuts and fish until the age of 3.  Delaying potential allergens would give an infants immune system time to mature. 


The new theory is that the infant’s immune system must be exposed to various germs to train itself not to overreact, bolstering the immune system. 


Infants can be sensitized to foods through their skin priming them for later allergies.  For example, peanut butter comes in contact with a rash or cut on an infant and later when that food is eaten the immune system attacks the protein. 


Infants with elevated allergy risks should start eating these foods from 4 – 6 months – resulting in 86% less likely to develop allergies. 

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