Clean Eating

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  • You’ve heard the term clean eating?  It’s defines consuming food in its most natural state.  It’s not a diet but rather a lifestyle approach to eating.
  • Restaurants define their food as clean eating today and there’s even a magazine named this.
  • The philosophy is to eat 5 -6 times daily – three meals and 2 -3 small snacks.
  • Lean protein, fruits and vegetables, complex carbs and healthy fats make up the diet which keeps your body energized and burns calories more efficiently.
  • Look for products with few ingredients listed and go organic as much as possible.
  • The key is to avoid processed and refined foods including white flours, sugars, and white grains such as pasta or rice.
  • Also reduce your saturated fats such as butter, cheese and fatty cuts of meat and sodium intake mostly coming from processed food.
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