Dairy Queen S’mores Blizzard


If you’ve ever had a Dairy Queen blizzard you know that you’re reached the epitome of  ice cream heaven. The newest variety is the gooey crunchy S’mores blizzard with graham crackers,  decadent chocolate chunks and  DQ’s  soft serve ice cream.  Yes to die for, but not to die from!

You may rethink this summer delight and rather enjoy s’mores over the camp fire since this decadent medium blizzard is costing you close to 900 calories, 38 gm of fat  and 23 tsp of sugar !  That’s half your daily calories and fat and twice your daily sugar!

Lose it and choose the chocolate sundae for half the calories and only 9 gm of fat.  The soft serve ice cream with the rich chocolate sauce is just as satisfying and will leave you feeling guilt free.

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