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I bet you never knew there was a big difference in nutrients between a yeast donut and a cake like donut.

All donuts are deep fried but you’ll be surprised to find out that donuts made with yeast are actually healthier than those that are cake like and don’t contain yeast.

At Tim Hortons the old fashioned glazed cake like donut  has 320 calories, 19 gm of fat and 22 gm of sugar which is about 5 tsp.  Not exactly a healthy way to start your morning.

Whenever you eat a donut imagine that its equal to consuming 13 Special K chocolate granola bars in fat.

Instead choose the honey dip yeast donut which only has 210 calories, 8 gm of fat and 11 gm of sugar.  The yeast allows for a lighter donut having half the fat and sugar.

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