Eat Your Medicine

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3 Vancouver authors have written books focused on eating your medicine to manage and treat illness:

  • The Complete Fibromyalgia Diet book written by Dr. Alison Bested has developed a plan to reduce pain by 10 – 20% by eliminating foods that inflame the body such as sugar, processed foods, night shade vegetables and wheat and dairy.
  • The Diabetes Prevention cookbook written by Barbara Allen, a dietician, gives you a diet based on the glycemic index of food –eating only those foods that take longer to digest and keeping your blood sugars level.
  • The Happy Health Gut is written by Jennifer Brown, a vegan dealing with IBS –  she eliminates meat, dairy, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and any genetically modified organisms – but writes this only from her viewpoint.
  • All great advice for those affected by these illnesses.
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