Face It Liver Disease Awareness

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March is liver month and a new campaign called “Face It” will educate Canadians about their own risk factors and encourage everyone to be tested. If you were asked if you had a chance of developing liver disease most would say no. The myth is that only alcoholics get this disease. Not so!

  • Liver disease has risen close to 30% over the past 8 years and usually includes fatty liver disease, hepatitis B, C, liver cancer and alcoholic liver disease.
  • But children, teens and adults can suffer from genetic, autoimmune, viral, toxin or obesity related liver disease.
  • A simple blood test is crucial because symptoms can just be flu-like.
  • Fatty liver disease is the most common due to poor eating habits, lack of exercise and obesity and liver disease can lead to liver cancer if not diagnosed early.

Check out “Face It” today at www.liver.ca/facefacts

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