Fast Food Addiction

{mp3}680news – fast food addiction – march 12 2014{/mp3} Many of us are addicted to fast food and unaware of it. Restaurants, fast food outlets and processed food options are food magnets hard to pull away from. They have a formula which addicts us to fat, salt and sugar  which make us feel great for about 20 minutes, until our blood sugar dives.  This cycle repeats itself throughout the day and can be challenging to break.First you have to be aware of your addiction:

  • Eating unhealthy foods is a habit that can be broken
  • Change one habit a day –such as only going twice a week for processed food rather than daily
  • Learn what normal portions look like
  • Focus on long term health benefits not short term satisfaction
  • In time you will re-educate your taste buds and be shocked at what you used to eat
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