Food Trends


Food trends change yearly in Toronto. So what’s up this year?

  • Designer Donuts have become the new cupcakes featured in sit down restaurants
  • Grilled octopus is taking over calamari. Sliced thinly with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Food trucks are popping up everywhere with every food from grilled cheeses, smoked meat and cupcakes
  • Chia seeds are the new flax seeds
  • Move over sushi, Ramen noodle bars are leading the trend in Japanese cuisines
  • 100% sustainable fish and seafood has become the future mantra in supermarkets and restaurants
  • Plates for the whole table – big foods and whole animals like a entire pig
  • Five star restaurants serving fried chicken
  • And Snout to tail cooking whereby the chef uses each and every part of the animal including the head, brains, heart, belly and testicles

Maybe that trend I can live without!

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