Fructose and Obesity



  • The latest studies at the Oregon Health and Science university shows that fructose, a naturally occurring sugar  found in fruits and many processed foods such as  sauces and toppings, soups, frozen foods, boxed cereals, breads, desserts, carbonated beverages and fruit juice may alter brain changes that lead to overeating.  This also includes high fructose corn syrup.
  • Fructose has no natural mechanism to alert our brain to suppress overeating as with glucose. But fructose is more widely used due to lower costs and a sweeter flavor resulting in a more addictive flavor.
  • Fructose in so many foods may be a key reason why adults and children have increased obesity and diabetes type 2.
  • The answers lies in limiting store bought processed foods, especially sugar sweetened beverages and cooking more at home.
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