Fruits and Veggies


If you want another good reason to eat your fruits and veggies here’s  a recent study from the Mayo clinic:

  • Those who consumed more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables  had a 26% reduced risk of stroke
  • 3 – 5 servings had an 11 % reduced risk.  One half a cup equals one serving
  • High blood pressure is one cause of strokes
  • It seems that  the higher concentrations of folic acid, fibre and potassium in vegetables and fruit may be the key
  • Some of the best produce to lower blood pressure are foods that contain magnesium such as spinach and squash
  • Those high in potassium such as cantaloupes, bananas and baked potatoes
  • And foods high in calcium such as non fat plain yogourt  and green leafy vegetables
  • Your mother was right! Eat your veggies!
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