Grilling on a Cedar Plank

  • Try a cedar plank the next time you bbq to add a smokey flavour.  Try either fish or chicken.  They are available in supermarkets, hardware stores and online.
  • Soak your plank in water for at least an hour which allows the wood to absorb as must moisture as possible allowing the fish to cook before the cedar burns. The smouldering of the wood creates the smoke and enhances flavour.  If the board catches fire just spray down with some water.
  • Lightly coat your plank with oil to prevent food from sticking. Don’t flip your food, let it cool completely on the plank with grill shut.
  • It will take double the time to cook since it’s not a direct cooking method. Baste your food with sauce or marinade in the last few minutes.
  • Use planks only once then toss.
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