Haagen Dazs


Haagen Dazs is known for having the purest and finest ingredients for ice cream and has dominated the market for half a century!

New to their product line are their mini ice cream cups which contain just a 3 ½ oz serving of decadence.  The number one selling variety is chocolate peanut butter with their legendary chocolate ice cream swirled with ribbons of creamy peanut butter.  Truly delicious

But don’t let the mini size fool you.  With 360 calories and 24 gm of fat you won’t stay so mini if you continue eating these.  This mini indulgence is the same as eating 24 mini ice cream sandwiches in fat.

But Haagen Dazs comes to the rescue with their miniature  chocolate ice cream bars coated with  dark chocolate, having only 170 calories and 12 gm of fat.

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