Healthy Foods That May Not Be That Good For You

  • Eating healthy can be challenging, especially when there is so much misinformation and product marketing.
  • Gluten-free foods are a priority for those suffering from celiac disease or have a gluten intolerance. They often contain more calories, sugar and less nutritional flours.
  • Salads eaten away from home are often loaded with unnecessary fat, calories, and salt.  The excess cheese, fried meats, nuts, and dressings are the culprits.
  • Trail mix and granola bars have excess sugar and preservatives.
  • Instant oatmeal is filled with sugar. Homemade whole grain rolled oats regulate blood sugar levels and cholesterol. For sweetness, add fresh fruit.
  • Pure fruit juice and smoothies don’t contain the pulp which has most of the fiber and nutrients.  Eating your calories is more satisfying!
  • Avoid packaged fat-free foods, they often contain more calories and sugar and leave you hungry.
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