How Our Eating Has Changed In The Past 50 years

  • Canadians are consuming less beef, milk, soft drinks and more flour based carbs than in the past 50 years.
  • This is due to a diverse population, changing health trends and a globalized food chain.
  • Potatoes used to be the largest source of carbohydrates but now wheat flour, ancient grains and rice have surpassed.
  • In the 70’s red meats popularity topped chicken and turkey, but today that’s reversed.  Price is a factor but also environmental and health issues around beef.
  • Bananas not local fruit have taken over our domestic apples,  they’re cheaper and always available.
  • Soft drinks and juices dominated for decades but with the health hazards of sugar, coffee beverages and Canadian wines have risen.
  • Cow’s milk was a staple but due to their allergy component substitutes like almond and soy milk have taken over.


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