How to be Like Top Chef


So you marvel at Top Chef on TV?  Try these tips to become a genius in your kitchen!

  • When sautéing or caramelizing onions, add a little baking soda which speeds up browning and cuts the cooking time in half!
  • The best soup should be made a day in advance so all the flavor comes together after heating.
  • Sauté your vegetables in broth or stock instead of oil or butter.  The veggies turn out crispier!
  • Spray your cheese grater with non stick spray to make the shredding  and clean up easier.
  • For creamier pasta without the butter or cheese, add a beaten egg to the hot pasta along with a little boiling water.
  • Mash bananas inside their peels using your hands.
  • Massage raw kale with dressing for a couple of minutes to make it more tender and digestible.
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