How to Feel Full and Satisfied at Every Meal

  • With summer around the corner, knocking off those extra winter pounds is tough.
  • Your excuse might be that you just don’t feel full after meals.
  • Here are some tips to ensure you’re satisfied after eating.
  • Eat an apple before your meal.  The fiber fills you up!
  • Eat a small handful of nuts, they contain fiber, protein and fats which satiates you.
  • Buy precut veggies and fruit, this will help prevent junk food snacking.
  • Eat crunchy veggies that take time to chew.
  • Between meals drink zero calorie beverages including tea, coffee, sparkling and mineral water.
  • Start meals with a smaller plate and gage your hunger.
  • Start your meal with a small salad or broth-based soup, then follow with the protein and starch for last.
  • Add beans to your meal.  The fiber goes a long way!
  • Spice up your meals which increases fullness!
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