How to Increase Bone Density


Did you know that 80% of broken bones in men and women over 50 are caused by osteoporosis?

Calcium is only one part of the equation for increased bone density. Other foods, nutrients and daily habits can help.

  • Vitamin K found in leafy greens, brussel sprouts and broccoli help absorb protein
  • Alcohol in moderation ½ – 2 drinks daily, may increase bone strength by lowering bone turnover and counteracting bone loss
  • Protein in moderation increases bone density – add an extra 3 oz of lean protein such as fish or chicken to your meals
  • Vitamin D – the sunshine nutrient is as important as calcium for bone health.  You can’t absorb calcium without vitamin D.  Increase your fortified milk, eggs or salmon or take a supplement
  • Vitamin C improves bone mass.  Increase your fruit and veggies especially the citrus, berries, bell peppers and tomatoes
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