Is it ok to snack before bed?

You can absolutely have a snack before bed – but it has to be small, nutritious and filling.

A healthy snack can help you fall and stay asleep and stabilize blood sugar – but stay clear of anything greasy, fried, caffeinated or sugar laden which can cause indigestion.

Plain greek yogourt with fruit provides protein and complex carbs.

Unsalted raw pumpkin seeds boost serotonin to induce sleep and are rich in fibre.

Homemade unflavored popcorn boosts fibre.  Place a handful in a paper bag and microwave on high for 2 minutes.  Season with spices of your choice.

Oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts has slow releasing carbohydrates -great for sleep.

Complex carbs such as beans, whole grains and vegetables stabilize blood sugar and help sleep.

Combine a healthy fat and protein such an apple with toast and peanut butter.


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