Meat Entrees


Most meat contains excess fat and saturated fat – but if you love meat there are better choices:

  • Select roasted chicken over roasted duck, which has double the calories and 8 times the fat, due to the dark meat and excess fat
  • Select beef tenderloin over prime rib which is marbled with fat throughout, having three times the fat
  • Lose the rack of lamb and go with the lean leg of lamb.  Four chops have 48 gm of fat which is the same as eating 1 ½ lb of lean flank steak.  It has three times the fat of the lamb leg.
  • One serving of glazed ham has your day’s intake of sodium and equals eating 6 cups of roasted peanuts in sodium. Instead, go for a lean pork tenderloin.

Or how about vegetarian once a week?

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