Myths About Your Microwave

  • 97 % of homes have a microwave – but there are myths surrounding whether they kill nutrients in our food and emit radiation.
  • Does the microwave kill nutrients? Any food exposed to heat results in some nutrients being lost, but no more than if the food is boiled, baked or steamed.
  • Vegetables should be microwaved quickly in the shortest time with the least amount of water to retain nutrients.
  • Does microwaving increase cancer risk? Radiation from microwaves are on the low end and do not make food radioactive.
  • Always check that your microwave is working properly.
  • Are all non-metal dishes safe for the microwave? No, beware of plastic products even if labelled microwave safe or BPA free – the heat quickens the breakdown of the container.
  • Place the food in a ceramic or glass dish instead.




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