Pub Food

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Have you heard this one: A guy walks into a pub, eats greasy food washed down by a few beers once a week, and gains 12 lb by the end of the year! But this is no joke. Pub food is a traditional past time for get-togethers after work and on weekends.

  • Loaded nachos have over 2500 calories and 200 gm of fat.  That’s like eating 1½ cups of lard in calories. Beef sliders have about one quarter of the calories and fat.
  • Bangers, beans and mashed potatoes have 1500 calories and 95 gm of fat.  Go for the chicken fingers and fries for half the calories and fat.
  • A fried chicken sandwich has 1300 calories and 80 gm of fat. Instead enjoy a steak and mushroom sandwich for half that amount.

Don’t be the brunt of this years pub jokes!

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