Rabbit, the new Gourmet


Guess what the new gourmet meat is?  Well it has a cute face, floppy years and a nose that twitches?  Yes sad to say the adorable rabbit!

Rabbits are appearing on restaurants featuring local cuisine.  They have a low environmental impact and are raised on a grain free diet.   They are sensible to consume.  They produce 6 lbs of meat on the same feed and water as cattle will consume to produce 1 lb

They taste like chicken with a delicate neutral flavor and take on the flavours of what you’re cooking them with.  Chefs such as Jamie Oliver have brought rabbit to the forefront

Health wise they are great.  The meat is lean, low in calories and high in protein, iron and minerals.

Either grill, roast, stuff  or use it in stews.  As a pet stick to a cat!

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