Savvy Salad Choices at Wendy’s


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With summer approaching and most of us wanting to look more “svelte” our go to fast food is salads:

•    Wendy’s features a delicious spiced chicken Caesar with shaved asiago and French croutons, topped with a garlic Caesar dressing. Buyer beware – this salad comes in at close to 900 calories, 60 gm of fat and 2000 mg of sodium! You’ve now digested half your daily calories and all your fat and sodium. Why? The chicken is deep fried and the dressing alone comes in at 200 calories and 21 gm of fat. That’s the same as eating 30 Wendy chicken nuggets in fat!

•    Instead choose the Asian cashew chicken salad with half the calories and sodium and a quarter of the fat.  The chicken is grilled and the dressing is lighter. Your bathing suit will thank you!

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