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We’re heading outdoors to fire up the barbie – aka – the barbeque.

Steaks are on the menu and you’re deciding between the rib eye or new york strip.  The melt in your mouth, fat marbled 12 oz rib eye will ring in at about 1000 calories and 80 gm of fat.  I have to take a breath since I already feel some chest pain

That’s about ¾ of your daily calories and more than a day’s worth of fat. No wonder there’s increased heart disease. It’s the same as eating three orders of lasagna from Boston Pizza in fat! To burn these calories you’ll have to bike for 3 hours.

Lose the rib eye and grill up a delicious 12 oz New York strip for only 600 cal and 16 gm of fat.  You’ll be able to breathe easier!

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