Street Food

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Street food is on every street corner.  One of the most popular items are those large sausages with fried onions, cheese sauce and peppers on a crusty bun. That will satisfy anyone’s salt and fat addiction!

At close to 900 calories and 55 gm of fat you might reconsider  since this represents ¾ of your daily calories and fat without any nutritional  benefits. As you’re  inhaling this salty treat consider that this is the same as eating 9 (6 oz)  top sirloin steaks from M& M’s in calories!

Instead you can actually eat two small hotdogs with buns and mustard and ketchup for less than 400 calories and 16 gm of fat. Not that either is a healthy meal but if you’re into a salty fatty treat, hot dogs are a better way to go!

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