Sugar Addiction

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Sugar is addictive similar to drugs and alcohol.  It calms and relaxes us. The more you eat the more you want.  You get a short term energy boost then watch out for the crash.  Here’s how to fight those sugar cravings.

Always have  a small portion of sweet food each day so you’re not deprived.  Pick quality over quantity.  Have a real chocolate fix rather than those artificially flavored that are low fat

Try chewing a piece of gum – with real sugar not artificial.

Fruit such as berries, grapes and watermelon satisfy your sugar cravings and at least have nutrients and fibre.

Combine sweet food with a healthy food.  Try a banana dipped in chocolate.

The less sweets you consume daily the less your body will need.  You’re re educating your taste buds.

Try different strategies when one fails!

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