The Truth About Diet Drinks

{mp3}680news – diet drinks – march 19 2014{/mp3}

  • Diet pop consumption has increased from 3% in 1965 to 20% today,  yet a study from John Hopkins shows that it doesn’t lead to weight loss specifically for those that are obese and have a higher Body Mass Index.
  • Obese people who drink diet pop as their go to beverage consume more daily calories than obese people who drink sugary pop.
  • Those with a normal weight don’t gain weight from drinking diet pops.
  • The reason  is that artificial sweeteners change how regular sweets are processed in the reward centre of the brain of the obese not in those with normal weights.
  • These sweeteners disrupt appetite control which makes you feel less full so you continue eating
  • Obese people should not start drinking regular pop but rather cut back on diet drinks and watch their calories more closely.
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