Top Food Myths



What are some of the latest food myths?

  1. Everyone should eat a gluten free diet?  Yes if you’re celiac or have a gluten sensitivity.  Otherwise eat whole grains.
  2. Sea salt is better than table salt?  Not !  They both have the same amount of sodium, but sea salt has more texture and flavor.  Increase your herbs.
  3. Energy drinks, the best way to get energized?  Nope!   You’re mostly getting sugar and caffeine.  Eat real food for energy.
  4. Super foods keeps you healthy ?– on their own they won’t make you healthier.  Great marketing to charge more!
  5. Foods with probiotics, the good bacteria, help your intestinal tract, boost your immunity system and help with irritable bowel syndrome.  This depends on what  variety is used, how much and how long to take them
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