Types of Milk

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Buying milk today can be a major decision. There are so many varieties:
•    Cows milk contains protein and vitamin D but contains lactose.
•    Goats milk similar to cows milk provides calcium and vitamin A but has less lactose making it easier to digest. It has more calories and fat than cow’s milk.
•    Almond milk has no dairy or protein but is low in calories and fat. Those fortified contain 50% more calcium than skim milk.
•    Coconut milk has no dairy is low in calories but has saturated fat. It’s sweeter and is great in cereal, coffee or oatmeal.
•    Rice milk is great if you’re lactose intolerant but has little protein and similar in calories to skim milk.
•    Soy milk also non dairy contains protein and fiber. The  isoflavones have been linked to lowering the risk of some cancers.

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