Vegetable Bread

{mp3}680news – vegetable bread – april 23 2014{/mp3}

  • Bread made with vegetables is the newest trend today and it’s being marketed as an easy way to consume your daily vegetables and fruits. No peeling, dicing or cooking.
  • Each slice contains about 25% of 1 serving of your daily vegetable intake.
  • Daily we need about 8 servings of fruits and vegetables, so do the math and you’ll be eating 32 slices of bread – don think so!
  • These vegetable breads tend to be higher in calories, no significant added fibre and has just a smidgeon of extra vitamins and minerals.
  • Smoke and mirrors – the illusion of eating healthy by smart marketing to the consumer. This is known as “health washing”
  • There are no free rides when it comes to healthy eating!
  • Eat real veggies and fruit and enjoy a couple of slices of 100% whole wheat bread daily.
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