S'mores Pie

Summer might be over, but you can enjoy the taste of s’more’s all year round!  I use 2% evaporated milk rather than cream to make this decadent chocolate filling.  This considerably reduces the calories and fat.

1. Preheat oven to 350F. Spray a 9” pie pan with vegetable oil.
2. In a small bowl, combine graham cracker crumbs, sugar, oil and water. Mix until just crumbly, adding more water if necessary. Pat onto bottom and sides of pie pan. Bake for ten minutes.
3. Add chocolate to glass bowl, along with evaporated milk. Microwave on high for 30 seconds, then whisk until smooth.
4. Pour melted chocolate mixture into pie crust and refrigerate for at least 2 hours until firm.
5. Add 25-30 marshmallows overtop of the pie. Broil for 1-2 minutes until marshmallows are golden and doubled in size.
6. Optional garnish: Heat chocolate and oil in a glass bowl for 30 seconds. Whisk until smooth. Drizzle chocolate and sprinkle almonds overtop.

2 cups graham cracker crumbs
¼ cup sugar
¼ cup oil
3 Tbsp water
14 oz semisweet chocolate chips
½ cup 2% evaporated milk
25-30 large marshmallows
Garnish (optional)
1 oz semisweet chocolate chips
1 tsp oil
3 Tbsp toasted almonds, chopped

Serves 8-10

Prep Time: 15 minutes.
Bake: 10 minutes
Chill: 2 hours

Nutritional Information per Serving
Calories 410
Fat 19g
Saturated Fat 8g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 135mg
Carbohydrates 62g
Fibre 3g
Protein 4g