Good & Bad Fats on BT

Is fat good or bad for you? The low fat craze drastically reduced all fat in our diets – saturated and unsaturated.

We’ve heard that saturated fat raises LDLs, the bad cholesterol, and lowers HDLs, the good cholesterol. It’s associated with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

Fat was reduced by refined grains and sugar, but as a society we’ve increased in weight, cholesterol levels and diabetes type 2.

Research showed certain fats – mono and polyunsaturated – were heart-healthy and actually lowered our bad cholesterol and increased our good cholesterol.

But now we’re finding that not all saturated fat is bad for our heart – or our cholesterol – and some oils may be bad for us. What fats should we eat?

Check out my segment on Breakfast Television for the lowdown on good & bad fats!

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